Loneliness & Social Difficulty
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Uncover ways to form meaningful connections

Loneliness comes in different forms, and it feels like a dark emptiness. We may feel loneliness even though we are surrounded by people, making our lack of connection with others even more evident and painful.

Our desire to fill this dark void can encourage us to react in unhealthy ways and take us further away from making meaningful connections.

We often try to stave off loneliness by keeping ourselves busy; overworking, binging on foods, substances, videos, shopping; or maintaining relationships that give us little meaning. Although temporarily comforting, it takes up time we could use to meet others or nourish relationships that are meaningful. Hence, our loneliness increases over time.


Social difficulties, loneliness, and Biinu.

Before we realise it, we can fall into mental habits of avoiding people, social activities, and feelings of awkwardness that can naturally arise from socialising. The recent global pandemic has added a further layer to our loneliness.

At Biinu, we work closely with you to help uncover and unlearn habits that contribute to social difficulties and loneliness. By connecting the dots, we can understand the most effective way you can make satisfying connections, whether it’s through ways to express or manage your emotions, improve your social confidence, or simply have fresh perspectives on managing relationships.


Therapies we use in our process

There is a range of therapies that focus on how we view and relate with others, such as:

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Positive Psychology
  • Interpersonal Therapy (IPT)
  • Social skills exercises
  • Assertiveness exercises for healthier boundaries
  • Schema Therapy

Mental health concerts such as depression and anxiety can also cause us to withdraw from others compounding our feelings of loneliness. Our psychologists can assist with such situations.


Loneliness is so much more than being alone..

Loneliness does not just stem from being alone, but from inadequate intimate connections and unresolved conflicts.

It can be daunting to be left alone in our thoughts, but it can also give us time to reflect on things that make us feel fulfilled. Biinu has guided our friends in their transition towards warm and meaningful connections.


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