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Wait! Tell Me More About Seeing a Psychologist

Maybe you are considering seeing a psychologist. There may be hesitancy around sharing your deepest thoughts and experiences with someone you have no prior rapport.

Naturally, many questions arise, and we’ve tried to answer some common questions to shed further light on therapy and what is going on in your psychologist’s mind.

How Does a Psychologist Help Me?

Navigating mental health on your own can prove to be complicated. For many people, mental health wasn’t part of their formal education, nor talked about as a regular topic. Furthermore, it may be difficult to share the troubling feelings and thoughts with people in our social circle.

Working with an experienced psychologist is having a highly trained person in your corner to understand and advise you through the mental and emotional challenges. This can help bring about clarity, catharsis, more awareness and the right strategies that help you make your break through.

What Does Therapy Actually Look Like?

The exact answer is dependant on a person’s situation, however the following are some common points:

  • A psychologist will listen and ask questions to arrive at an understanding of your situation and concerns. From here, we can uncover the finer details of the current issues, such as why they occur and stick around. This helps to increase clarity and awareness, which is the first step towards a resolution.
  • Once your psychologist is on the same page as you, a plan/strategy can be devised to help navigate the issues and move towards a viable resolution.
  • As you move through this plan, you will learn techniques to address the issues and come to a better awareness of harmful habits that can amplify the unwanted situation. To get the most from your sessions, these techniques need to be practiced outside of the therapy room.
  • Therapy is not a switch to an instant solution; it puts you on the process towards the mental well-being you deserve. We see you as a fellow human and understand that life has unwanted twists and turns that can take you off track. We use our years of training and experience to guide you through the process.

Will My Psychologist Judge Me?

As psychologists, we have decided on this profession to help people. Judging or fitting a client to a certain world view does little to help.

Sharing your story is an act we profoundly respect as we see it as your intent to resolve and grow. Therefore, instead of judgement, we assess how we can help and endeavour to encourage you in the most suitable way.

Are My Concerns Serious Enough?

Absolutely! Like your physical health, it doesn’t matter where you start your fitness journey, so why should it matter when you try to improve something that’s just as important – your mental health?

Seeing a psychologist allows you to reflect on your journey in life and be in sync with yourself. It can help optimise your mental habits to better suit your lifestyle and way of being.

Is There Something Wrong With Me? What if I Discover Something About Myself I Don’t Like?

Therapy can sometimes be uncomfortable, as people discover a lot about themselves – both healthy and less healthy. Confronting unwanted feelings and thoughts in order to communicate them is not an easy task. However, this is part of the process of moving towards a mental direction more in tune to your way of being and lifestyle.

We can’t uncover gold without digging through the dirt. Our physical condition cannot improve without a workout and feeling sore afterward. It is similar with your mental fitness. It’s about having faith in the process and giving yourself the room to grow. Psychologists are there to guide you.

What Does My Psychologist Take Notes Of?

Some psychologists outline the session as they would agendas and key points that emerge from meetings.
Others use notes to connect the issues you mention to help you move towards a viable resolution.

I like to eventually share a refined version of my notes with my clients to paint a clearer picture of their current dilemmas.

What Happens if I See My Psychologist Outside the Therapy Room?

We would love to chat if you are comfortable with therapy being open information. However, many clients appreciate privacy when it comes to seeing their psychologist. As we respect your privacy, we will not say hello first nor feel ignored if you choose not to acknowledge us in the presence of others.

We hope this has helped take some of the mystery out of seeing a psychologist. Please bear in mind, the answers in this article come from our professional experiences, and don’t represent all psychologists.

If we’ve missed any other questions you have, please send them through via our Contact Us form or email us at human@biinu.com.au.

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