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How to Submit Claims Using the Medicare Express Plus App.

You will firstly require a valid Mental Health Care Plan from your GP. Please request one from your GP.

If you have the Medicare Express Plus app or Medicare online, you can submit claims to Medicare after your sessions and Medicare will send your rebate straight into your bank account.

We’ve included some instructions below to get you on your way.

What to Check Before You Make Your Claim

You can skip this step if you have Medicare Express Plus app or Medicare online, or have submitted a claim before. Before you submit your claim, please make sure you can answer yes for all the following questions:

  1. Are your MyGov and Medicare accounts linked together? If you need to register for either, please head to:

  2. Are your bank details for Medicare correct?

  3. Do you have the Medicare Express Plus app downloaded on your phone? You can download it via the App and Play Stores.

  4. Alternatively, you can submit a claim electronically using Medicare Online, or in-person by heading into any Medicare Service Centre.

Step 1: Have Your Biinu Paid Invoice Ready

After your sessions, we’ll email you a PDF of your paid invoice (as shown in the picture below) which will include all the details you need for each claim:

We’ve highlighted the all the details you’ll need from our invoice in the picture, including:

  • Your Psychologist’s Name and Provider Number (see “Provider” box)

  • The Medicare item number (e.g. 80XXX, 93XXX, see “Code” box)

  • The date of the service (see “Date” box)

  • The amount paid (see “Price” box)

  • Your Referrer’s Provider Number and Ref (see “Referrer Name” and “Provider no.” boxes under Referrer Information)

  • The Date of Referral as shown on your MHTP (See “Referral Date” under “Referrer Information”)

Step 2: Make Your Claim on the Medicare Express Plus App

After logging into your Medicare Express Plus app, just:

  1. Upload the PDF or a clear photo of your invoice.

  2. Follow the prompts to input the details on your invoice.

  3. Voila! Your rebate will be transferred into your bank account after Medicare approves your claim, which usually takes 2-5 business days.

If you require any more information on submitting your claims, please visit

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